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We are located in the Ardenwood Area of Fremont, CA.

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What is Jnanodaya Academy?

Jnanodaya Academy is an organization catering to the educational enrichment of the children. More details on the “About” page of the website.

What is unique about Jnanodaya Academy?

Jnanodaya Academy is an organization catering to the educational enrichment of the children. More details on the “About” page of the website.

What is the history of Jnanodaya Academy? 

Jnanodaya Academy started in 2009, mainly as a small tutoring organization, in various subjects for elementary children.

It maintained the status quo till 2019 when it expanded into home-based child care for preschool and after-school children, while continuing the tutoring programs.
Few online programs started in the summer of 2020 (when the COVID-19 attacked the world).

Currently, there are both in-person and online programs being conducted.

How many children are there in these online programs? 

It could vary based on the different programs. In general, the plan is to have around 6-10 children for now in each program. 

Do you have any discounts?  

Yes, following discounts are being provided. Please see the details in the program you are interested in. 

Various Fees: 

There may be various fees, the details of which will be given along with the different programs. Fees could be - 

How do we pay the fees? 


By when do we pay the fees? 

The details will be on the registration page, which could vary based on the program being enrolled into. 

Can siblings be registered together on the same form? 

No, registering siblings is not possible on the same registration form. Please register ONE child per form. We appreciate your cooperation. 

I have registered my child but have not received any email yet. 

An email will be sent after registering your child within 1-2 days for follow-up instructions. Please check your spam if unable to see within your email inbox. You may also email us at if you still haven’t received anything or have any inquiries. 

What is the time zone for Jnanodaya Academy?

The time zone for Jnanodaya Academy is the US Pacific Time. 

What holidays does Jnanodaya Academy have? 

Please see the list in “Calendar” on the website (tab: News/Media). A notification will be provided if there is any other holiday besides that on the given list.  

Are they make-up classes if my child missed any class? 

Make-up classes could be difficult with ongoing programs. Please put the request in by email for consideration but there is no guarantee. 

My child is unable to attend the program. Could we get a refund of the fees paid? 

Generally, this is not encouraged. If, for some unforeseen reason, your child is unable to attend, a refund could be possible. Proof may be asked for, based on circumstances. A two-week notice is essential. There will be a charge of $25.00. Please email details for consideration. 

Do you have any special celebrations or events? 

Yes, we do have some special celebrations and events, where parents are invited to attend, either in-person or online. We will always keep an eye open for opportunities, which will be notified to you as and when it does happen. 

Do you take pictures and videos of children? 

Yes, we do, as needed, and especially on special occasions. We may use them on our website or various other media such as flyers or galleries, to name a few. If you have any objection, please send us an email, so that we could cater to that need as much as possible. In a group setting, that could be difficult. 

Are there any parent-teacher conferences during the time the child is enrolled in? 

Yes, there are parent-teacher conferences with or without the child, as needed, during the time the child is enrolled in the program. This could be through email, on the phone or a video conference as per mutual convenience. Regular emails will be sent regarding the work done in the classes, so that parents can check with their children.

What is the curriculum for the different programs? 

The curriculum is unique and tailored as per the age-group as well as the subject being taught since it brings in both the aspects of the scriptural as well as the conventional aspects of education. The required materials (books or pdfs) will be provided as needed to the children. 

Will there be any homework for the children? 

Yes, there will be some amount of homework based on the age-group and the programs the children are enrolled in. Various strategies will be used to check the learning of the children. The children are expected to maintain a nice binder or folder with all their work in one place to show when asked for. 

A special note from Jnanodaya Academy for online classes

Online classes can never be the same as in-person. Parent involvement is vital for these classes to be beneficial, more so for the preschool and elementary children. The children need all the support and encouragement from the families. Thank you very much for your cooperation. It is a three-way (parent-teacher-student) teamwork that benefits all, especially the children! 

A special note from Jnanodaya Academy for in-person classes 

For in-person classes, though the teacher may be checking the work of the children, it is recommended that the parents take active interest in what the children are doing, look into their work, and appreciate, encouraging them to perform even better. Your understanding and cooperation is very much appreciated. It is a three-way (parent-teacher-student) teamwork that benefits all, especially the children!