Afterschool Program

Notice: Bala Nilayam (Afterschool) is an in-person program.

Additional Details for Bala Nilayam (Afterschool)

Bala Nilayam (Afterschool) Program Curriculum

This is a holistic fun-based program with a plethora of themes targeting the various “Child Development Domains” for promoting optimal growth in the early childhood of children. The activities will be planned based on the culture, needs, and events at the time. It will touch upon the *STREAM subjects appropriate to the age-group as per the standards set forth by the California Department of Education. The goal is to create a balance of Conventional (Modern) and Scriptural education. A positive reinforcement and encouragement at home will help in accelerating the learning process.

*STREAM: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts & Math

 Various strategies including books, and educational tools will be employed to expose the children for a vast genre of subjects. Different social skills would be encouraged through various strategies to enhance character building such as the following:  


Etiquette to be Followed